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Lyman Case Trimmer 9-Pilot Multi pack #7822202.


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Lyman Case Trimmer 9 Pilot Multi PakĀ  #7822202

The Lyman Nine Pilot Multi-Pack includes all nine of the most popular case trimmer pilots for use with nearly every caliber cartridge. The pilots included in this multi-pack are as follows: #22, #24, #27, #28, #30, 9mm, #35, #44, and #45A.

With the Lyman Nine Pilot Multi-Pack, you can safely and efficiently trim cartridge cases of all calibers, including popular models like the .22 Hornet, the .222 Remington, the .270 Winchester, the .30 Luger, the .38 Smith & Wesson, the .44 Magnum, and the .45 Colt.